Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yao's Spirit

Sage Chinese Emperor Yao

Yao, was said to be the first Chinese emperor in history, who was very diligent and economical, and showed great concern for his people, thus has been deeply venerated by the Confucianists as a sage model ruler of extraordinary virtue, humanity and kindness.

During his reigning period,Emperor Yao put lots of outstanding people in important positions and made remarkable political achievements. He ordered Xi and He to formulate the calendar system and taught people how to rationally arrange agricultural production, and sent Gun and Yu to control floods to keep disaster away from the people. He also launched punitive expeditions against barbarian tribes and banished evil doers and criminals. With him at the helm, the people enjoyed a good and prosperous life.

In his later years, Yao gave his throne to Shun, who was named for his filial piety and exceptional talent, instead of the own son.

Of his many contributions, Yao is also credited for creating the popular board game, "Go", "Wei Qi" in Chinese Pinyin .

Yao Ming, Houston Rockets No.11 Center

Win or lose, in an era of sports idols as rock stars, Yao is a breath of fresh air: humble and dedicated, warm and human." The Year of the Yao, by Bruce Westbrook 2005 Houston

Born: September 12, 1980Shanghai, China
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 7 ft 6 in (2.29 m)
Weight: 310 lb (140.6 kg)

League NBA Draft 1st overall, 2002 Houston Rockets Pro career 1997–present
Former teams: Shanghai Sharks (1997–2002)
7-time NBA All-Star(2003-2009)
All-NBA Second Team(2007)
All-NBA Third Team(2004, 2006, 2008)
NBA All-Rookie First Team(2003)

He is possibly even more popular in the U.S. than he is at home. Americans find the well-mannered player a refreshing change from U.S. athletes and their spoiled, sociopathic escapades. Across North America, Yao's clean-cut, tattooless visage sells everything from Visa cards and Apple computers.

Yao has single-handedly transformed his countrymen from nameless, faceless millions into mighty men who can jam with the very best. For Americans, Yao's affable demeanor and witty repartee are a welcome antidote to the antics of the NBA's bad boys. And for the Chinese, who are chronically obsessed with their overseas reputation, Yao's maturation from a meek athletic machine to a charismatic basketball personality is nothing less than proof that China finally measures up.

Yao started playing basketball at age nine; first tried out for the Shanghai Sharks junior team of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) when he was 13 years old, and practiced for 10 hours a day to make the team; at age 17 Yao joined the senior team of the Sharks, and averaged 10 points and 8 rebounds a game in his rookie season. He was selected by Houston as the 1st overall pick of the 2002 NBA Draft and plays center for the Houston Rockets and is considered one of the best centers in the National Basketball Association today.

2007 Yao has led Forbes' Chinese celebrities list in income and popularity for five straight years, earning 54.6 million U.S. dollars (387.8 million yuan). He has also participated in many charity events during his career, including the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program.

Evan & Yao

Dennis Zhang Jing-Yao
Ming's son, a primary school pupil, likes Tae Kwon Do. His idol is Li Xiao-Long since he watched the TV series about Bruce Lee, a world-known Kung Fu star. Except drawing comics he hates to write; he always can find an excuse either to eat or pee while doing his homework. And he doesn't like a dinner either. So his mother at last found an effective way to make him eat those dishes he hates but of rich nutrition, just make him to write his homework when it's time to eat.

Evan Zhang Ya-MingAn honest and hardworking man, born in a fisherman's family. His dream was to be a journalist. He began to write for local newspapers and magazines when he was 18 and won several small prizes in either Chinese or English writing competitions. He didn't like money until he was 30 when he became Yao's father. Also, he has some knowledge of process instrumentation and automation, water analyzer and continuous emission monitoring system, which he had done for a power plant before he did marketing for his stone carver friends.

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