Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Consultant for other Fujian Competitive Products

Feel free to drop me an email if interested in the following name brand fist products made in Fujian mainland China.

Commercial Oil Painting

Xiamen is one of the 3 important places where oil painters gather. The other two cities are Shenzhen and Putian of Fujian.

Porcelain for Daily Use or Gifts

Dehua of Quanzhou, Jingdezhen and Yixing are all the most well-known porcelain and pottery production bases. The-art-of-the-studio, made by my relative's workshop. Their works had chosen as one of the souvenirs for Macao's Return Anniversary.


Anxi Tea is so popular in Quanzhou and whole Fujian. We drink tea after dinner; we serve guests tea; we even hold tea art competition and elect our Miss Tea.

Composite Fiber helmet,Carbon Bicycle Frame,Tennis and Badminton Racquette ODM or OEM

■ Fitness Equipment and Relaxing Massage Chair
More than half of the world fitness equipment are made in the Xiamen neighborhood. We have a show and fair of it in the end of March.

Knitted Sweater, Bags,Clothing,Hat,Jeans and High quality Vulcanized Robber Shoes ( Hui'an, Jinjiang, Shishi, Quanzhou and Putian )

Bilding Stone Material, Slab, kitchen Countertop(Shuitou, Nan'an)

Stone Basin, Stone Sink, Mosaic Stone Tile, Mosaic Stone Wall, Mosaic Stone Table, Mosaic Stone Decor( Hui'an )

Fireplace (Hui'an, Yunfu).

Electric Motor , Generator, Water Pump ( Fu'an,Kunming), Chemical Analytic Instrumentation and Waster Water Treatment System

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