Monday, March 30, 2009

We are Carving...

Established in 1997, we have been carving quality stone sculptures, stone carvings, memorials, monuments, grave markers, headstones, gravestones, tombstones for our downtown export companies in our city and our local bigger-size stone processing factories.

We have already gained rich experience in processing stone for overseas buyers. We know how to meet your requirements and needs.

Now we are sincerely seeking to do directly for you.

Our products enjoy good name in Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, Mid-east, Australia, Europe and America.

Hui'an is well knowned as the Capital of Stone Carving in China. People says everyone in here is an artist. They're more than right, I bet. I hope there will be more and more people who know of Chongwu, Hui'an and all our excellent Chinese folk sculptors, carvers and stonemasons.

Please feel free to drop me an email at
if interested in our competitive stone works.

We have devoted ourselves to offer you the most comfortable buying experience from Southeastern China

■ Memorial, Monument, Grave Marker
■ Headstone, Gravestone, Tombstone, Mausoleum, Cemetery
■ Stone Carving, Stone Sculpture, Rock Sculpture
■ Landscape Sculpture, Garden Sculpture, Religious Carving, Architectural Carving
■ Fireplace, Stone Basin, Stone Sink, Stone Mosaic Tile

We're Carving...
since 1997
from Ancient Chongwu Hui'an the Stone Carving Capital of China

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