Tuesday, January 5, 2016

7-day-long Spring Festival holidays is coming. What should a stone product importer know about the vacation to avoild a delayed shipment?

7-day-long holidays for CNY Chinese New Year, i.e. Spring Festival, will begin on the 7th day of the next month, which is the most important festival for people in China as Christmas in many other countries.
During the period only a few people are on duty each day for some simple job or emergencies in government departments and other services like Customs, Inspection and Quarantine authorities, banks and logistics companies. So It’s advisable for importers to place an order and make sure that your down payment or deposit arrives at the supplier’s account around January 1st thus the factory can start the manufacturing, supposing the whole fabrication will take 20 days, and arrange shipment at least one week before the Eve. The week is actually the busiest week of the year in any port of loading in China.
However, good news is you could still contact our salesperson for an inquiry and some paperwork anytime even during the vacation. And our stone carvers, cutting machine operators, CAD draftsmen, and other support departments, who are almost our Hui’an, Quanzhou locals, come back to normal work status four to eight days after the CNY’s day as usual.

The above information is based on a factory like ours in Hui’an, Quanzhou. If you are an importer of other products, I recommend a nice blog called ” The Chinese New Year: How Importers Can Avoid Delays & Quality Issues on Chinaimportal.com by Fredrik Gr√∂nkvist.

Public holidays 2016 in China:
1. Spring Festival (Lunar Chinese New Year) Feb.7-13
2. National Day, Oct.1-7
1. New Year’s Day, Jan.1-3
2. Tomb-sweeping Day, April 3-5
3. International Labour Day, May 1-3
4. Dragon Boat Festival, Jun. 9-11
5. Chinese Moon Festival, Sept. 15-17

Please note:
Chinese traditional festival is based on the lunar calendar so it varies from year to year. For example, the  Spring Festival of the next year is as early as on January 28 while 2018, February 16.

Shenzhen Daily published my reminder of forthcoming weeklong Chinese Spring Festival holiday for importers from outside of China on 11 Jan 2016.

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